Enhanced Services


 Logistics Consulting – Training and Optimization

We understand how confusing shipping and logistics can be in any industry setting, so we’re here to make it easy for you! Our specialists can be scheduled to provide general or specialized training to your teams onsite, across a multitude of logistics topics ranging from a general shipping course to a more in-depth Fish and Wildlife training. 

Special Projects

Special Projects are conducted by our Special Projects Team, where members may be deployed to oversee or handle the transportation of your goods. Some scenarios where this may be utilized are critical shipments, large cargo movements, and special valuables or prototypes. The team members would be onsite to coordinate and oversee as planned; along with the added benefit of being available to mitigate any risks or concerns which may occur during transport.

Custom Tailored Services

Unlike many large carriers and third party providers, we are not constrained by fixed timetables of a single airline or carrier due to our network and relationships. Our services are supported by a wide selection of carrier and mode options; including same-day international deliveries. Convenient collection times and deliveries can be arranged to suit almost all our clients working patterns. We will deliver an amazing service experience wherever and whenever needed including weekends and public holidays.

Since many of our clients have different working patterns and business models – we’re here to understand your needs and provide custom tailored services if needed. Just let us know and we’ll find a way to optimize an existing service for you or create a new one!