Worldnet Comes to the Red Carpet Rescue with Reliability - Read The Article.

Worldnet Comes to the Red Carpet Rescue with Reliability


With a busy start to the new year, we are now in the height of red-carpet season. Recently, Worldnet was mentioned in the WWD article about the return of the Golden Globes. In the interview, renowned celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati discusses the challenges of shipments being delayed or lost by carriers, and the risks that poses to red carpet events. In a response to the comment in WWD, Worldnet CEO Richard Bhullar replied,

"We have seen many fashion brands faced the with the same challenges of service delays, theft and garments being lost. This is where Worldnet provides comfort to its clients by providing a unique service, where we are in control of the shipment of every step of the journey. By using direct flights, hub to hub and technology like real time GPS trackers. This limits the risk of service failure. A delayed shipment seriously impacts the client planning for these major red-carpet events. Losing a shipment like a couture gown or one of kind piece is catastrophic. It's like losing a piece of art, it just cannot happen"

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