WorldNet International's "Next Flight Out" service is the fastest airport to airport service we offer. This on-demand service allows access to all major domestic and international airlines.
WorldNet International provides a Next Flight Out On Board Courier service for packages of very urgent nature, prototypes, aircraft on ground, valuable jewels.
OBC SERVICES Worldnet International
WorldNet is not constrained by fixed timetables. Its standard overnight schedules are supported by a wide selection of service options including same-day international deliveries.
Worldnet International Same day Service
Moving exotic skins and furs? WorldNet International is your one-stop-courier service for import/export goods requiring special Fish & Wildlife permit or merchandise requiring a CITES permit and 3177.
Worldnet International Fish and Wildlife Service
Express Courier
Telephone: + (1) 718-244-5929
Fax: + (1) 718-244-5930
Worldnet London
Telephone: + 44 (0) 845 370 8000
Fax: + 44 (0) 845 370 8005
Worldnet Paris
Telephone: + 33 155934545
Fax: + 33 155934540
Telephone: + 32 2 751 3242
Fax: + 32 2 751 3360

Welcome to WorldNet

WorldNet is a shipping specialist with a personal, flexible shipping system for high value luxury goods that must arrive safely, securely and on time.
The company is the preferred international carrier by many of the world's leading fashion and luxury goods houses who demand high levels of service at competitive prices.

The fast-paced world of fashion is filled with make or break deadlines and our global staff understand that communication is paramount. It is company policy to immediately inform customers of any flight delay or potential problem. Strong service feedback and an advanced track and trace facility keep you fully informed on your shipment's status.

The fast track customs clearance of garments and more unusual commodities is one of our key service strengths. Customs clearance experts are on permanent standby, to rapidly process CITES, Fish & Wildlife permits, hazardous goods and life science products.
International courier
Telephone: + 13105689158
Fax: + 13105689159